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Jeffrey C. lovelace
Lovelace Internet Media Marketing Service LLC (LIMMS LLC) was formed in 2000 by Jeffrey Lovelace, a veteran of the publishing industry.  For over two decades, he was associated with The Hearst Corporation, the world's largest publisher of monthly magazines and a leader in new media.  As an advertising manager of Motor Boating & Sailing magazine, he was responsible for display and retail advertising for print and the development of  the MB&S interactive Website, one of the first marine publishers to use the Internet. In addition, he pioneered the launch of a VoIP, billable chat communications system.

Earlier in his career, he held sales and marketing positions with leading education publishing companies including Westinghouse Learning Corporation, an innovator in individualized computer managed instruction.

A yachting enthusiast for over 45 years, he is recognized for his broad knowledge of the marine industry. He maintains his office in Essex, CT which is conveniently located midway between New York City and Boston.
Essex marinas

Essex is located five miles up Connecticut River from Long Island Sound.